Kids making Fritattas in their PJ’s

Zane heads up the Smoothie Station

Zane heads up the Smoothie Station









This past weekend our the staff of Yum Pediatrics volunteered for the Doctor Yum Project’s first cooking class in our new Instructional Kitchen. Doctor Yum’s Pajama Party was cooking class for kids age 7-12 to learn the importance of a healthy breakfast and to learn some cooking skills and recipes to make a great breakfast at home.

Using our new Multimedia set up, we first discussed the pitfalls of of most breakfast choices:

  • Not enough protein
  • Too much sugar
  • Not enough fruits and veggies

The kids learned about how eating breakfast can make them perform better in school. They learned about how protein is a great source of energy and helps every cell in our body to repair and function. They then learned about how most kids get 2-3 times the recommended amount of sugar in a day, and how breakfast can be a large contributor to excess sugar. We discussed how important fruits and veggies are, how many servings are recommened and how easy it is to get some of those servings in at breakfast.

We made 4 recipes with the help of our Yum Pediatrics staff (all of us in matching mushroom pajamas!) Zane headed up the breakfast smoothies station, showing kids how to add veggies and like kale and carrots to a fruit smoothie. I made mini fritattas packed full of veggies and Carmen made kiwi strawberry fruit pizzas. Kids samples a crockpot oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, too. 


Nurse Carmen and Cindy with Dr. Fernando


Preparing veggies for the Fritattas

Our first class was a great sucess and we are hoping to offer more classes in the future. Visit to find out about more classes and camps at the new kitchen!